1. Policy Statement

1.1 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is committed to ensuring a safe, positive and pleasant environment for students and staff alike. We thus do not in any way condone, nor tolerate, any form of sexual harassment. The act of sexual harassment is an infringement of human rights and limits the rights of equality, while also having a negative impact on work morale, productivity and health of the infringed. We strongly encourage members of the HKUST community, including visiting faculty and students who feel infringed by members of the University, to come forth and report incidents of sexual harassments, as well as seek advice and guidance through the established procedures. The University has a sound protocol for the complaint procedures, and urges individuals to fully utilize such. Should one however consider it necessary, one may choose to lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission or perhaps take legal actions in the district court. Under the laws of Hong Kong, sexual harassment is unlawful. According to official University policy, sexual harassment is strongly prohibited. Grounded claims of incidents within the University will lead to disciplinary actions, which may in the most serious of cases lead to termination of employment or expulsion from studies.

Click here for a complete copy of this Policy on Sexual Harassment.


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